Principles of Financial Engineering

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第 1 章: Introduction

第 2 章: An Introduction to Some Concepts and Definitions

第 3 章: Cash Flow Engineering and Forward Contracts

第 4 章: Engineering Simple Interest Rate Derivatives

第 5 章: Introduction to Swap Engineering

第 6 章: Repo Market Strategies in Financial Engineering

第 7 章: Dynamic Replication Methods and Synthetics

第 8 章: Mechanics of Options

第 9 章: Engineering Convexity Positions

第 10 章: Options Engineering with Applications

第 11 章: Pricing Tools in Financial Engineering

第 12 章: Some Applications of the Fundamental Theorem

第 13 章: Fixed-Income Engineering

第 14 章: Tools for Volatility Engineering, Volatility Swaps, and Volatility Trading

第 15 章: Volatility as an Asset Class and the Smile

第 16 章: Credit Markets: CDS Engineering

第 17 章: Essentials of Structured Product Engineering

第 18 章: Credit Indices and Their Tranches

第 19 章: Default Correlation Pricing and Trading

第 20 章: Principal Protection Techniques

第 21 章: Caps/Floors and Swaptions with an Application to Mortgages

第 22 章: Engineering of Equity Instruments: Pricing and Replication





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