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RESSET Simulation Trade System supports trade simulation of stock, fund, futures, options, etc. Through simulating trading rules and mechanism of real market, it connects theory to practice, thus stimulates students’ motivation of analysis and research, initiates them with features and interrelationship of various financial products and the distinction between theory and practice to establish a complete and mature ideal of financial investment.

Product Features
Powerful Simulation Function

Capable of trade simulation of domestic A-share, B-share, fund, commodity futures, foreign exchange, etc.; strictly according to the latest trading rules of stock exchange, giving students experience of trading process in real professional market; supporting automatic ex-rights and ex-dividend, relieving teachers of complex manual input; enabling students to simulate trade by recorded quotes and teachers to make dynamic teaching of any time period.

Trading Rules Set Available

Teachers are enabled to change futures contracts trading rules, stimulates exchange management, security exchange cost(supporting unilateral stamp tax, commission, transfer fee, etc.), set non-trading time trades, switch between T+0 and T+1 and stock halting according to needs.

Supporting Asset Allocation of Multiple Accounts

Supporting set and free transfer of the same currency between different capital accounts including bank, security, Hong Kong stock, commodity futures, stock index futures etc., assisting study of portfolio construction of multiple security types and cross-market arbitrage strategy.

Assisting Portfolio Analysis

Supporting investment results analysis through asset allocation, profit and loss, yield trend, positions details, performance index, etc., helping students acquaint current situation of portfolio and investment strategy making skills.

Class Management Function

Stimulating trading process of security, futures and foreign exchange; providing users permission levels of students, teachers and administrator and functions of account opening in large number, students’ trading details query; students’ trade simulation results are automatically scored and saved as Excel for teachers’ examination.