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RESSET academic achievements centralized sharing platform(RESSET/RS)is a academic resources sharing platform contained ample subjects of data resources and designed for economics. RESSET/RS adopts international leading structure, and can contain and achieve mass academic resources releasing, searching, downloading and sharing. Academics and researchers can share and communicate academic achievement based on RESSET/RS, enlarge cross-subject and cross -field academic communication to develop the subjects, reform of teaching and innovation of researches.

————————  Features and predominance of our product   ————————

Maximized academic resources sharing
RESSET/RS solves the problem that academic resources lack efficient organization, proper management, large amount of wasting and rehandling. The uniform management mode and leading technology structure of RESSET/RS can maximize the efficiency of sharing and centralized storage.

Build a bridge to academic communication
RESSET/RS breaks the barriers among different subjects and research fields, and builds a bridge to cross-subject and cross -field academic communication. RESSET/RS enables academics and researchers to present their academic achievements and discoveries in a larger stage, and make it possible to use these data in different subjects. The discussion board that RESSET/RS provides also opens a way to convenient communication.

Contain ample information resources
Because RESSET/RS adopts international leading database structure, which make it have excellent extendibility and be able to contain and concentrate ample information. There is no need to worry about the inflation of information resource with the development.

Technical performance characteristics

Proper structure
RESSET/RS has complete treelike structure subjects dynamic management modules.

Flexible management
RESSET/RS supports flexible user management and authority allocations.

Controllable information
RESSET/RS could achieve configuration of database and basic information through interfaces.

Ordered contents
The authorized users could manage the contents of RESSET/RS to ensure the reliability and clearness of data.

Multiple formats
RESSET/RS supports file upload and download in any formats.

Independent of systems
RESSET/RS could be used cross systems including LINUX,UNIX,WINDOWS.