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Beijing Gildata Resset Data Tech Co., Ltd (RESSET) is a national high and new technology enterprise specializing in financial database and relevant investment research software. It was established by a group of experts of finance and database home and abroad upon years’ accumulation of research experience and results. Relying on data quality and correct financial modeling and calculation standard, the company provided accurate economic and financial data with complete value-added service to colleges, government and financial institutions. Leading in quality, users’ convenience and professional service in the industry, RESSET has been a top financial research data provider in China and received wide praise home and abroad. The headquarter is located near Tsinghua University, Beijing with branches in Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Xi”an, Zhengzhou and Vancouver.

Product System

Now with three product series of database, investment research system and teaching aid software as well as construction solution for college financial lab, RESSET has become a comprehensive service provider of data platform and teaching software for Chinese colleges and institutions.

RESSET Influence

RESSET products are wiedly adopted in domestic and overseas markets, recieving high praise. According to incomplete statistics, thousands of journal papers and graduate students thesis cite RESSET databases every year, among which many are published in famous international journals.

The publication of RESSET investment research softwares, terminal series, includes RESSET Irich, RESSET Quantitative Research Platform and RESSET Trade Simulation System. Together with databases and teaching softwares, the formation of three major product systems make RESSET a comprehensive service provider of data platform and teaching softwares for Chinese universities and institutions.

Till 2016, RESSET users reach 70, 000 with institution users of over 1, 200 and formal college users of more than 400.

Premium After Sale and Other Services

RESSET provides premium after sale and custom made services to customers.

After Sale: free installation assistance and operation training; solving problems of installation environment configuration, data missing and data error within one day; famous professors from colleges home and abroad are invited to guide classroom instruction and professional training.

Professional Services: providing custom made data, statistical and econometric modeling, consultation, social training, etc.; so far thousands of times of services in custom made data, program development, excellent course construction, consultation report for local banks and government institutions have produced significant results in research and academic instruction.