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With an enormous amount of technical approaches brought into and electrification of domestic financial industry, professional staff in the emerging field turns out to be quite insufficient. Qualified professionals for domestic financial industry are required to be capable of comprehensive skills, such as familiarity of economic and financial laws, good command of electronic tools and advanced communication and transmission methods, intense consciousness of innovation and risks for new business development, etc.

In traditional college instruction, due to failure to realize the electrification development of the industry, the teaching system remains a traditional form of lectures on textbooks. Although in recent years many colleges have built labs for finance, financial engineering or financial statistics, most of them have a good appearance but ignore the contents. Such labs display great limitation in practical operation of teaching and research, fail to obtain functional advantages of a lab, and usually become useless at last.

Pointing at the problems of domestic financial labs, RESSET adopts advice from a number of famous scholars in fields of finance, financial statistics and financial engineering of colleges home and abroad to design the solution. The core of the solution is to promote discipline construction and practical talents training through courses development, business system operation, research program, experiment cases and practical training, and provide value added service assisting colleges in actual practice training, research projects, practical research, summit and forum and other programs to fully achieve the economic efficiency of labs, turn consuming to benefits to reach a virtuous circle.