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RESSET/FinCM, developed by RESSET, is a web-based teaching information system in finance and economics. It contains two major functions: one is online teaching and experiments for finance and economics courses, the other is teaching information management. It provides abundant modeling and computing method and a variety of application software, such as Excel, SAS, Matlab, R, etc. based on the application of model calculation, empirical research, and case processing for years. With using the characteristics of Excel and VBA, advanced software (SAS, MATLAB, R, etc.), the platform can calculate and experiment based on the real data according to the modeling of the different economic and financial models.

Experimental models

The model experiments based on Excel and VBA includes the experiments related to the model of Finance, Financial Engineering, Investments, Corporate Finance, Financial Analysis, etc. The experiments based on SAS, MATLAB and other applying software includes the experiments of SAS and Financial Database, Financial Computation and Modeling, options pricing model and calculation procedure, as well as financial research and development.