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RESSET listed company financial statement analysis system is developed based on BS architecture using Java language data display platform. This analysis system make full use of RESSET database’s information, financial statements and notes, financial index, and developed a financial statement teaching and using platform.

Drawing the experience form the early version of the similar products, relying on the advantage of financial research RESSET database and data accumulation, our specialists went through market research, and finally decided to use the company code for the index to the database in order to implement data retrieval, analysis and visualization processing, the system is divided into the following several parts:

The company information:Contains the listed company, business, industry, determination, stock ownership, management, and other information with deep and graphical visualization display;

The financial data: We provide showing and downloading for the following marterials: Balance statement, income statement, the cash flow statement, quarterly profit, quarterly cash flow statement, audit sheet, financial ratios, financial indicators, financial costs, corporate tax rates, investment income, income subsidies and other important financial data.

The financial efficiency analysis:It contains the analysis and display of debt paying ability, operation ability, profit ability, growth ability.

The financial comprehensive analysis:It contains the analysis and display of Dupont analysis, Palepu's analysis, z-score formula, operating assets analysis.

Financial forecast analysis:It includes balance sheet forecast analysis, statement of changes in owners' equity forecast analysis, cash flow forecast analysis, the income statement forecast analysis.

Financial trend analysis:It contains the trend analysis of the income statement, trend analysis of the balance sheet, trend analysis of changes in owners' equity statement, trend analsis of cash flow statement.

Financial contrast:It contains the display and analysis of financial contrast, p/e ratio contrast, price-to-book contrast.

The enterprise value evaluation:It display the value evaluation based on price comparison.

Experiment of financial indicators calculation:It contains several important experiment in financial index calculation (experiment instruction provided), such as: network annual experiment, solvency analysis experiment, operation ability analysis experiment, profitability analysis experiment, comprehensive financial analysis experiment, financial statement analysis experiment, financial risk model experiments and other important experiment.